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Zemegula Our company deals with selling the used Malotraktors. As one of the few, it is directly oriented towards business cooperation without any intermediaries with japanese companies. Malotraktors are equipped with diesel engines and all wheels drive, so no terrain is found to be difficult. It is possible to connect an available standard accessory equipment to the malotraktors, such as: siding, blade, backhoe, woodchipper,plough, rotovator, snow blower, mulcher, mower, dung and communal spreader, drill, hydraulic arm and many other eqiupments. The operating expenses are incomparably lower than those for a big tractor and for the main, the purchase cost of such a machine is not negligible.
Comparison of parameters tractors
The following tables can be to
compare the parameters of various tractors ...
Retrofitting tractors
All of our tractors we offer at the request
of repair of ...
We're flying to Japan for new tractors
from 14-21. january we are going to buy tractors
in Japan, if you are interested please contact us
As our tractors working
In a few short videos you
can see our machines in action ...
Fragment of our offer...
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