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Inventory works included in the overall Japanese minor repair of tractors

1. Complete removal
Engine, transmission, wheels, front suspension, bodywork parts, electronic system, fuel system, and all the connecting rod material.

2. Engine
Gastric, cleaning and oil change, oil filter, ground valve seats, replacement head gaskets on engine, adjust valves, control and possible replacement crankshafts, pistons and piston rings, cylinders, control and replacement bearings and thread the belt alternator, injector cleaning system, including pumps, replacement and adjustment of the value prescribed injection nozzles, control and exchange žhaviacich candles.

3. Front axle
Total removal of the axles, bearings and seals replacement, gastric, and exchange charges, inspection and lubrication of cross joints, control and exchange of vertical bearings and pins.

4. Gearbox
Check operation of transmission, the control shaft bearings and pretesnenie. Replacement sleeves in the main hydraulic cylinders and setting the hydraulic brake control and brake settings, the possible renovation of the shaft and seals. Complete cleaning closets. Oil change.

5. Connecting Tunnel - Frame
Removing the clutch and clutch bearings (exchange). Check the front of the motor frame, his desire to save pins on the front axle ..

6. Management
Removing prevodky management, cleaning, replacement of bearings and pretesnenie, the settings will, control joints connecting rods and setting sbehavosti front wheels.

7. Cooling
Check radiator leak, replacement hoses and clasps

8. Fuel system
Replacement of fuel filter, hoses and clasps, Horde hoses, irrigation tanks, fuel pump control functions. Replacement of fuel filter, hoses and clasps, Horde hoses, irrigation tanks, fuel pump control functions.

9. Electrical system
Dismantling supplement damaged or missing parts, the control function regulator charging, lighting and other features.

10. Connecting rod material and
After disassembly and inspection zinc galvanizing - a possible replacement

11. Bodywork and structural parts
Degreasing, parts and repair damaged finish.

12. Cartridges and testing
Replacement of the control status of all cartridges, nemrznúcich mixture, completeness and control parameters. Subsequent test runs minutes. 60 minutes driving and 60 minutes with tools, engine start-up 4-6 hours.

Only after the completion of these works is a machine ready for sale. The net effect is indistinguishable from a machine for the new. If you decide to purchase the machine you are treated by a guarantee that you will become owner of a reliable technique which is a sense throughout the minor repairs of the machine